History of the Chalukyas of Badami

The Chalukyas Badami

The Chalukyas of Badami From the 6th to the 8th century AD the Chalukyas were the dominant power in the Deccan.The Chalukya inscriptions provide valuable material for the reconstruction of a continuous history of the Deccan together with its contact with South India for about 200 years. Chalukya power had its rise in the west … Read more

Regional States of India

Modern India Regional States

Regional States of Ancient India He was the first Rashtrakuta ruler to intervene in the tripartite struggle being wagged for the supremacy of north India. He defeated both the Pratihara ruler Vatsaraja after occupying Malwa and Dharmpala the Pala ruler.Dhruva was succeeded by Govinda III and he continued to rule till 814 AD. He was … Read more

Modern India | Regional States

Modern India Regional States

Bengal Murshid Kuli Khan Murshid Quli khan was appointed as Bengal’s diwan by Aurangzeb as naib subedar and later as subedar in 1717 by Farukh Siyar.He was also granted the governorship of Orissa b.y the Emperor Farukh Siyar in 1719.The capital was shifted from Dacca to Murshidabad.He gradually assumed autonomy though he continued to pay … Read more