Modern India Question and Answer

Modern india Question Answer

Short Question and Answers Who led the Bardoli Satyagarha? Vithalbhai Patel When did Gandhiji started his Salt March? 12 March 1930 When did Civil Disobedience movement started? 6 April, 1930 Who was the hero of Vaikom Satyagraha? K Kelappan Under whose leadership, Koya tribals fought the colonial govt to protect their forest rights during 1922-24? … Read more

History of Modern India

Modern india

Modern india The process of British conquest of various parts of India extended over a period of nearly a century. The English suffered many diplomatic failures and some military but ultimately emerged victorious. A number of causes explain the victory of the British against their Indian adversaries. The British were superior in arms, military tactics … Read more

Economic Impact of British Rule in India

Economic Impact of British Rule in India

Some of the major impacts of British rule in India are listed below. Land Revenue Systems in British India The different land settlements introduced by the British brought misery to the peasants. Zamindari System The Permanent Settlement or the Zamindari Settlement (1793) in Bengal and Bihar was introduced by Lord Cornwallis. According to this settlement … Read more