Ancient India Culture

Ancient India Culture

The ancient Indian culture primarily rest on two ages, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. While the Indus valley civilization belonged to the Bronze age, the Vedic civilization belongs to the Iron Age. The Indus civilization was marked by high degree of urbanization and had manifested urban culture, the Vedic civilization was agricultural based … Read more

Religions | Jainism

Jainism in Ancient India Religious

Jainism It is generally believed that the founder of Jainism was Mahavira.It is now recognized that Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara.The sacred books of Jain tell us that their first Tirthankara was Rishab, the founder of Jainism. He was the father of Bharata the first Vedic king of India.Rishab was followed by 23 Tirthankaras.The Vishnu … Read more

Pre Mauryan Period | Haryanka Dynasty

Haryanka Dynasty

Haryanka Dynasty Bimbisara (545-493 BC) Magadha came into prominence under the leadership of Bimbisara who belonged to Haryanka dynasty. He was a man of determination and political foresight. He became the king in second half of the 6th century BC. He added to the prestige and strength of Magadha by his policy of matrimonial alliance … Read more

Everyday life in Ancient India

Everyday life in Ancient India

The achievements of the Aryans in the realms of philosophy and metaphysics have been the subject matter of research by very many scholars and valuable light has been shed on these as a result of their labours. But as regards the social and economic conditions in which they lived there is not much authentic information … Read more

History of Ancient India

Ancient India

India can boast of a glorious past and the study of the history of Ancient India is a subject in itself. India has a civilisation as ancient as most ancient civilizations across the world. We have added new articles on all the following Ancient India topics. Sources of Ancient Indian History Science and Technology in … Read more