Ancient India Art

Ancient India Art

The visual Art of India starting from 3rd millennium BC can be classified into specific periods. This classification could be based on religious, political and cultural developments in India during different historical period of ancient India. Arts in the Indus Valley Civilization There is ample evidence of Arts from various sculptures, seals, pottery, gold jewellery, … Read more

Pre Mauryan Period

The Sixteen 16 Mahajanapadas

The 6th century BC has left a permanent impression on Indian history because it witnessed the intense philosophical debates and discourses and resultant implications. Among the various thinkers contributing to this unique phase were Mahavira and Buddha who compelled the attention of the world to Indian traditions. The political system at the time of Mahavira … Read more

The Arts in Ancient India

Ancient Architecture

Indian art is very intimately associated with Indian religion and philosophy. There is always an irresistible urge to find an expression for spiritual longings. Beauty to Indian artist was something subjective. E.B Havell an eminent critic art is all praise for the ideals of Indian art and the underlying spirit behind it. He says that … Read more